Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Loom is Empty!

What a warp this was!  So many learning opportunities:

   *  Make sure you measure your warp properly
              1.  Planned to do 10 yards, did 20
              2.  Planned on being 16" wide, did 15

    *  Wind on with a good even tension

    *  The last lesson learned?
                You know how you try to help teenagers by giving them advice about things you have learned over your life time.  They don't listen because they know everything already.  Well, this apparently pertains to some of us weavers also.  I have been told, and I have read "do not weave too close to the reed because you will not get a good shed".  Well, quess what, all those people know what they are talking about.  Out of 20 placemats 7 had errors that went all the way across the pick, something I did not see until they were washed and dried.

This was the third tie-on for this warp.  Bad tension can really mess you up.

That 20 yard warp is off of the loom finally.  Now comes the time that I have been dreading.   I HAVE to make a decision as to what will be on the looms next.  Help me, I can't make up my mind and when I do decide I have to wind the warp (my least favorite part of weaving).

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