Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cricket Club Meeting

The third Sunday of each month the  Clinch River Yarn Co hosts a Cricket Club meeting from 2pm until 4ish.  Today is the third weekend in January.  There was a nice healthy sized group of 13 weavers in attendance.

Before the end of each meeting we try to reach a consensus as to what we should work on during the next meeting.  Last month it was decided that the theme for the today would be the Hounds tooth pattern.  This pattern is enjoyed by many and is a fairly easy pattern to accomplish.

The loom is warped with 2 dark warps followed by 2 light warps continuing across the desired width of your project.  If you are new to rigid heddle weaving what this means is that you pull a loop of dark through the slot in the heddle to your warping peg followed by a light loop in the next slot continuing for your desired width. When you have completed pulling your loops through, wind on the warp, cut the loops and thread one of the yarns in the slot in the adjacent hole, you will have 2 dark ends followed by 2 light ends.
Wind 2 shuttles, one in dark yarn, one in light.  Weave 2 picks of dark yarn followed by 2 picks of light continuing until your project is completed.

A lot of good work was done today, however, I was only able to get a couple of pictures before everyone left the shop.
We also did a lot of visiting, sharing, comparing and a little eating.

My addition to the party
is made with Atomic City Fibers handdyed Superwash Merino fingering weight in Reyleigh's  Violet Skies and Sandnes Garn, Alpakka fingering weight white.  I am warping 6" in a 12 dent heddle.  The length of my warp is 94" (72" scarf,  2-6" fringes and 10" of loom waist)

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