Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Resolution

So, my resolution for 2015 is "To start recording my weaving projects."
I have never been really good at this, therefore if I show another weaver the result of my planning and work I cannot answer questions such as what yarn is this and what sett did you use?
I wish to change my ways starting today.

The end of 2014 brought a challange from the Tuesday Weavers.  By October 2015 we are to produce 12 matching placemats to be but in the Appalachian Art and Crafts Center for sale.  I accepted the challange and brought home several partial cones of 8/4 carpet warp left over from previous projects produced at the center.  I wound a warp 10 yards in length using 10 complimentary colors.  Unfortunately, I did not do a good job of keeping the yarns in proper order producing 10 yards of twisted warp.  Not wanting to waste that much carpet warp,  I continued and wound on to my Baby Wolf thinking I would deal with twist as I go.  I threaded the heddles, 8 shafts using an elongated chevron twill draft found in the "I-weave it" drafting program and sleyed an 8 dent reed at 16 epi.

Okay, the placemat is going to end up too narrow!  The plan now is to add two more repeats of the colors, this will give me an adequit width for a placemat.  Next, thread and sley the addition ends, use weights to give tension to the extra threads.  Start sampling wefts but the tension is horrid!  How can I fix this?

WIND TO THE FRONT AND THEN REWIND TO THE BACK BEAM!  Easy peasey right.  Well, three days and lots and lots of combing and untwisting the warp, I did it.
  The tension was SO bad when winding on that I had long threads on both sides and short threads in the middle but I did get the extra ends wound onto the front beam.

All of the above happened during the last week of 2014.

This morning I trimmed the ends and tied knots for lashing onto the back beam, so far so good.
  I then wound onto the back beam, looking good.  I retied the warp to the front rod and began weaving again.  OH, MY GOODNESS IT WORKED.  The tension is good and so is the width (so far).

Hopefully pictures will follow, if I can figure out how.  Well it looks like I got that too.

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  1. I love it. I have to see these. I would love to use up my 8/4.